Migrate and consolidate your content without losing your valuable landing pages, links and referrers

Improve Performance

Deliver the best possible user experience by storing automatically your assets AWS S3


Prevent cloaking, Enforce throttling limits, and Hide all administrative pages


Hide content until it is ready to launch, display geo-specific content

How does Gliiph work?

The Gliiph platform adds a layer between the browser and your website that delivers advanced services.

Gliiph allows you to route HTTP requests to any back-end, an old CMS, your new one, Amazon’s Cloud, Google’s FeedBurner... This means that you can now keep your URLs constant and attach any (new) content to them.

With Gliiph, you to migrate your site to the CMS of your choice without breaking any of your valuable links, especially your RSS feed.

On top of that our platform adds some services such as a Cloaking shield, throttling limits for bots, in-memory caching for blazing fast performance. Gliiph can also migrate static resources to S3 and serve them from there.

The platform captures true real-time analytics that help you monitor the health of your traffic.

Last but not least, Gliiph exposes {APIs} that can make your content available to third parties.

Real-time Analytics for Humans

One of the key benefits of our Platform is its ability to deliver up-to-the-minute, real-time analytics.

This means that unlike other analytics engines, you can visualize instantly the response to your marketing activities.

Our "pro" package sends you notifications when some unusual activity is detected.

The analytics module covers everything you need to know from IP based geolocation, to requests/min, and referrals. It's dashboard gives you a quick view of today's stats.

With Gliiph migrated three generations of content to WordPress is a blog that was created in 2001 to explore the technologies and standards of Service Oriented Architectures (SOA).

The web site when through three generations of content, including two of them of hand-coded HTML. In 2008 the owner chose the B2 Evolution CMS which is now far behind other CMSes such as WordPress. Our platform enabled the blogger to deploy Wordpress and reroute the blog's home page and feed to the new WordPress site. The blog posts that generated the most views and referrals were migrated to the new CMS, and the old URL directed to the WordPress content.

Gliiph continuously archives all content in Amazon S3, and serves assets from there, as well as from an in-memory cache, offering blazing performance.

You can see for yourself the home page before and after. You'll notice that the URL has not changed, however, the content is now served from WordPress.

Remodel your Website in Four Easy Steps

Gliiph is very easy to use, you are just 4 steps away from the web site you always dreamed of:

  • Step 1 - Create your new website with the CMS or technology of your choice
  • Step 2 - Map the old URLs to the new ones
  • Step 3 - Deploy your configuration on Gliiph and update your DNS record to point to Gliiph's server
  • Step 4 - Monitor and Manage your new Web property

Please note that Gliiph does not host your new CMS, it can be located anywhere. We only require that you change the DNS entry for your domain such that it points to one of our servers.


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About us

It all started ...

with a bizarre email from Google, telling me that my website had been hacked and its search engine was starting to downgrade the rankings of my content... A hacker had introduced some code that created dozens of links that were only visible when the links were"fetched as Google", and there was nothing I could do.That hack is called "cloaking" and after spending hours combing the content of my website I could not find the malicious code. Strangely enough... Google would not even allow to tell them to ignore these links.
In Science Fiction, Cloaking refers to:

A cloaking device is a theoretical or fictional stealth technology that can cause objects, such as spaceships or individuals, to be partially or wholly invisible.

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there was the frustration of having my content trapped in a Website that was totally outdated, but the effort of migrating all its content to a shiny Wordpress site was just daunting, not to mention that many Websites link to my content and a decade of work would be lost if these pages could no longer be reached. So... what could I do?

The Solution...

We built a platform that can stop cloaking and route old links to new pages. In the process we added a few more services such as:

  • o moving all your static content to Amazon S3 and serving it from there
  • o in-memory caching that delivers blazing performance
  • o real-time statistics for humans
  • ... and a lot more

Today looks amazing and popular old links are routed to Wordpress.

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